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The company today
Prodotti Panarello

Panarello is today a dynamic and modern reality with all the necessary management, logistic and production tools for an ever more competitive market and demanding customers.
Organised in two divisions, one for production (PANARELLO PRODUZIONI srl) and one for distribution (PANARELLO DISTRIBUZIONI srl), the Panarello Group also has an important presence in Milan (AMBRODOLCI srl).
Panarello Produzioni srl combines in a single manufacturing plant artisan production and production of fresh confectionery produce with packaged industrial production.
Panarello Distribuzioni srl takes care of distribution and commercialisation of both Panarello artisan and industrial products.

Artisan products are directly distributed via branded sales outlets:

in Genoa:
• Bar/confectioners in via Galata 67r;
• Bar/confectioners in via Caprera 4fr;
• Confectioners in via XX Settembre 154r;
• Confectioners in Corso Buenos Aies 43r;
• Bar/Confectioners in Corso Carbonara 30r.

in Chiavari:
• Bar/confectioners/ice-cream shop in via Martiri della Liberazione 55.

in Rapallo:
• Bar/confectioners/ice-cream shop in Corso Italia n.5

In addition to the shops, branded packaged products are distributed in large-scale retail outlets and chains, traditional retailers as well as abroad.

Ambrodolci srl produces and distributes fresh confectionery from its laboratory in Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo in Milan via 6 shops in the regional capital:

• Bar/confectioners/ice-cream shop in via Tolstoj n. 1 (Portici di Via Savona)
• Bar/confectioners in Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo 15
(corner Corso di Porta Romana);
• Confectioners in via Speronari 3;
• Bar/confectioners/ice-cream in Piazza San Francesco Romana 1.
• Bar/confectioners/ice-cream shop in via della Moscova n.52
(angolo Largo La Foppa)
• Confectioners/Coffee Bar/Ice-Cream Shop at Via Belfiore no. 10

The reference market is today concentrated in the north-west and in particular in Liguria, lower Piedmont and Lombardy.

In 2012 the Panarello Group had a turnover of 13 million Euro and today has over 120 workers with an annual production of over 200,000 kg of fresh confectionery and 800.000 kg of packaged products.

Amongst these, the lions share is taken by the Lagaccio biscuits for which Panarello is the unparalleled leader in Liguria.

Recent Customer Satisfaction surveys have shown the excellent level of product notoriety and appreciation and have highlighted how Panarello branded products have intrinsic connotations of tradition and quality.

Since 2003 the industrial and environmental aspects of the company are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, confirming maximum attention to qualitative production details.

Panarello has initiated important investments in research, development and marketing in order for its products to be increasingly aligned with consumer requirements and expectations, both in terms of taste as well as nutritional value, whilst at the same time respecting tradition, real quality and using only natural ingredients.

Prodotti Panarello