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Panarello App
Prodotti Panarello

Download the Panarello App and play with us!

Install the App on your smartphone or tablet and step into your very own virtual confectionary shop!

Slip behind the counter to take control of one of the Panarello shops, manoeuvring among biscuits, cakes and delicious breakfasts.
The challenge is not as simple as it seems, and to make it even more exciting you have the chance to add ten more game levels to the twenty available, just by scanning the barcode of specific Panarello products with your smartphone, or by following the official Panarello page on Facebook, where unlock codes will be published periodically.
The products that can unlock these new levels are as follows, and can be found in our Confectionary stores, points of sale in large retail stores, pharmacies and specialized stores:

- Lagaccio Biscuits 500 g
- Sugar-free Lagaccio Biscuits 250 g
- Canestrelli 135 g - box
- Sugar-free Canestrelli 135 g - box
- Gluten-free Canestrelli 120 g - box
- Gluten-free Amaretti 200 g - box
- Gluten-free Cakes 120 g - box
- Gluten-free Chocolate Cakes 120 g - box
- Mescolanza 500 g
- Amaretti 200 g - packet

A wide variety of features, products and customers with different personalities and a marked preference for certain products will sorely test your reflexes and your ability to think quickly. Give your customers what they want before they storm off impatiently and be rewarded with a cascade of stars of satisfaction.
There are numerous displays, each with six delicious products and three evolutions. Complete the game levels to make your shop increasingly well-equipped and serve tasty new delicacies.

The App is constantly evolving – keep following us for news of all updates and new releases.

Have fun, invite your friends and relatives to play, and share your progress on Facebook!

The Panarello App can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple Store, for iPhone, iPad, smartphone and Android tablet.

Panarello App Panarello App  
Prodotti Panarello