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Celiac disease
Prodotti Panarello
We often hear mentions of celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten-free products… Let’s take a closer look at them.

Gluten is a protein complex which is formed upon contact with water. It gives baking mixes, especially those containing raising agents, viscosity and cohesion. It is contained in cereals such as wheat, spelt, rye, kamut and barley. It is the protein component of prolamin which is responsible for gluten intolerance in those with celiac disease, which can also cause serious damage to the lining of the intestine.

Celiac disease is a genetic, lifelong intolerance to gluten: some people are predisposed from birth to develop it, but not all necessarily become intolerant, and so it may remain asymptomatic and latent for an entire lifetime; just as it may emerge at any time and at any age, in connection with environmental factors such as stress, infections and pregnancy.

Those who suffer from this condition must follow a particularly strict dietary regimen, completely excluding gluten from their diet… a goal that is far from simple to achieve.

Panarello decided to dedicate a range of gluten-free products aimed specifically at those suffering from celiac disease or wishing to eliminate gluten from their diet.

In production terms, the idea was to guarantee the utmost safety for celiac consumers, and achieve a total absence of gluten contamination, accidental or otherwise, across the entire manufacturing process. We have fully achieved this goal by allocating our Sassello (province of Savona) plant to the exclusive manufacturing of our Granò range of products. By renovating the plant, and halting its production of any ranges containing gluten, we were granted authorisation from the Italian Ministry of Health.

Not only is Panarello committed to guaranteeing a complete absence of gluten, but it also strives after great flavour, crumbliness and balance in these products. Despite being gluten free, the products in the Granò range retain all of the fragrance and taste that have always made Panarello confectionary so unique and inimitable.

There are currently 12 different items to choose from:
- Gluten-free Amaretti - Amaretti de cítricos sin gluten- Amaretti de fruta sin gluten - Gluten-free Canestrelli- Gluten-free Cocoa Canestrelli- Gluten-free Tortine- Gluten-free Tortine with cocoa- Gluten-free Pandolce basso
- Gluten-free chocolate cake - Gluten-free apricot cookies - Gluten-free coconut cookies - Gluten-free hazelnut cookies
Panarello gluten-free products are registered in the Ministry of Health’s Registry of Dietary Products and are licensed to carry the ‘Spiga Barrata’ mark granted by the Italian Celiac Association.

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Panarello - La Celiachia
Panarello - La Celiachia
Panarello - La CeliachiaPanarello - La Celiachia
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