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Panarello natural yeast
Prodotti Panarello
Panarello makes some of its products using natural yeast. This provides unique characteristics of flavour, scent, digestibility and shelf-life.

This particular yeast culture is derived from a blend of flour and water, containing a complex of yeasts and bacteria (lactobacillus).

Panarello’s starter culture has been kept alive for more than one hundred years, thanks to the company’s “yeast masters”, who monitor its values over time, through a delicate process: it is refreshed daily with top-ups and blends of extremely high quality flour and water. These allow the micro-organisms it contains to reproduce. After 3 refreshes and 16 hours of activity, the natural yeasts are added to the baking mixes and doughs, all the while carefully checking the levels of lactic acid, pH, temperature and humidity.

The remarkable qualities of the Panarello natural yeast used in the finished products enable us to develop them even further, making them easier to digest and keeping them fresher for longer.

The Lagaccio biscuits, Genoese Pandolce, Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba and our pastries are the most famous Panarello products made using the natural leavening process.

Source: Panarello
Panarello - Il lievito naturale Panarello
Prodotti Panarello