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Prodotti Panarello
The fantasy of Genoa confectioners has distinguished itself over time by creating both original specialities such as the Lagaccio Biscuit and the Pandolce as well as revisiting traditional recipes.
Panarello Anicini have the taste of one of the most classic fragrances of Genoa and its Riviera: aniseed.
This delicate biscuit combines the lightness of the flour and egg dough with the full aroma of the essence obtained from the aniseeds.
The stay-fresh bag preserves the results deriving from the completely artisan process and the special care in the selection of ingredients. The extremely refined taste is enhanced in combination with a glass of champagne.


Wheat flour, sugar, eggs, leavening agent: E503, natural flavoring of anise.
This product may contain traces of: soya lecithin, sulphur dioxide, peanuts and peanut-based products, nuts, milk and milk derivatives.

Prodotti Panarello