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Il Biscotto della Salute
Prodotti Panarello
Our Health Biscuit is now made from a new recipe that is the epitome of simplicity; it contains, in fact, only flour, sugar, margarine and natural leavening. Such a simple recipe makes this Health Biscuit light and easy to digest, ideal for breakfast.

• 100% vegetable 
Made exclusively with vegetable ingredients.

• Extremely low in salt
The benefits of lowering the salt content in our diet are numerous. Gradually reducing our salt intake, in fact, has a positive effect on our health, both as a preventive and a curative measure: it increases bone resistence, reduces arterial pressure and improves the functions of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys.

Naturally leavened baked confectionary product.


flour, natural yeast from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable margarine (vegetable oils and fats (palm and sunflower in varying proportions), water, acidity regulator (E 330), flavourings), flavourings, salt. May contain traces of: soy lecithin, eggs, milk and milk derivatives, nuts, peanuts and peanut-based products, sulphur dioxide.

Prodotti Panarello