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Pandolce basso
Prodotti Panarello

The Low Pandolce is part of the old and traditional Genoese cuisine.
Considered a "poor" cake for its simplicity but "extremely rich" for the quality of its natural ingredients, it was used by Genoese sailors, already at the time of the Maritime Republics, as barter with the peoples of Eastern countries.
This traditional cake is today re-proposed with an "entirely" Panarello recipe in order to be able to taste the flavour of old Genoa every day.


Wheat flour, sultana raisins, butter, sugar, milk, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup derived exclusively from corn) and candied citron (citron peel, sugar, glucose syrup derived exclusively from corn, it contains sulphur dioxide) egg yolk, hazelnuts, Marsala wine, baking powder (disodium diphosphate, acid sodium carbonate, wheat starch), pine-nuts.
This product may contain traces of: soya, other nuts, peanuts and peanut-based products.

Prodotti Panarello