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Pandoro classico
Prodotti Panarello
Christmas is a special festivity, a time of joy and sweetness to share with loved ones. So bring Panarello Pandoro to the Party table, a soft speciality with the sweet taste of tradition.
Its fragrance is unique, quality is guaranteed by the extensive Panarello experience: special care in the artisan processing, choice of healthy and genuine ingredients such as fresh eggs, full-cream milk, butter of the highest quality. Taste Panarello Pandoro and, slice after slice, rediscover the sweet magic of Christmas and the soft taste of tradition.


Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, natural wheat flour yeast, egg yolk, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fat acids, honey, cocoa butter, salt, milk protein, natural flavors of citrus and vanilla beans. Sugar packet (powdered sugar, cornstarch).
This product may contain traces of: soy.

Prodotti Panarello