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Canestrelli, pastry cookies
Prodotti Panarello
The history of the Canestrelli cookie dates back to the 1200’s in medieval Genoa, Italy. These fragrant pastry cookies, made in the shape of a daisy flower, symbolize prosperity and abundance.
The Canestrelli cookie became so popular that its likeness was engraved on the currency used by the Republic of Genoa.
Today, you can still enjoy this wholesome, delicious artisan cookie made with just 5 simple ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, milk and eggs.


Wheat flour, butter, sugar, milk, eggs, natural lemon flavor.
Confectioners Sugar Ingredients: sugar, wheat starch, flavorings. Contains: milk, eggs, wheat. May contain: nuts, soya lecithin, sulphur dioxide, peanuts and peanut-based products

Prodotti Panarello