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Prodotti Panarello
Institutional recognition

Panarello cake has been officially recognised by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies as one of the traditional food products of Liguria.> Click here to see the complete list

Panarello: a great natural yeast school
All Panarello products are made using natural yeast and for quality lovers this is a quality increasingly difficult to find. It gives the product inimitable taste, aroma, digestion and duration characteristics yet its life cycle is sensitive and delicate, requiring professional skill and attention. Looking after the natural yeast 24 hours a day are the "leavening specialists", a specific profession, who monitor all parameters over time, ensure the correct level of acidity and perfect "triplication", that is increase in volume for a given weight. Above all they manage the extremely delicate survival and reproduction process of the " yeast mother" which is regenerated several times a day using "refreshers": addition of extremely high-quality flour and water which, together with expert temperature control (the yeast is alternated between special chilled and heated cabinets) allow healthy reproduction of the yeast micro organisms.
So-called "improvements" to help the process are never used. For this reason, Panarello leavening specialists represent a great school and the company takes great care in training new, young leavening-specialist recruits who will take this process forward, with the aid of the most sophisticated instrumentation supporting the indispensable experience of 120 years of uninterrupted activity.

Industrialising an artisan product: a difficult process
Industrialising an artisan product, maintaining its quality unaltered, is a difficult and demanding process. On the one hand it means natural yeast, tireless and careful selection of ingredients, wise balancing of recipes and optimal environmental conditions, whilst on the other it means introducing machinery for high production volumes in line with market requirements.
This plant does not exist on the market but is created to company specifications to faithfully reproduce the manual operations of the artisan process. Using existing basic technologies, expert technicians intervene to modify mechanical arms, conveyor belts, extruders and cutters until they exactly simulate the gestures of the artisan. Today, for example, thanks to this process which has evolved over the years, Panarello produces 4000 kg/day of "Lagaccio biscuits", with characteristics identical to those produced by artisans.
The entire production cycle of the legendary biscuit continues to last a whole 48 hours. An extruder "pulls" the mixture leavened with natural yeast and feeds it into a customised machine which, with the same care as the hands of the artisan, creates the "loaves" which after further leavening and a first cooking phase are passed through an automatic slicer. Controlled by microprocessors, the equipment carries out the typical oblique cut with the same gesture of a manual knife cut. Then, "gracefully", identical to the manual operation, the roller positions the slices on the belt of the second cooking phase oven, from which the famous biscuit finally emerges.
Controlled by technicians with expert eyes who eliminate flawed Lagaccio biscuits, it is taken on specific belts to sophisticated weighing and packaging machines which have again been built to specific Panarello packaging quality standards. This demanding attention which characterises the industrial process of all Panarello packaged products, has kept the appearance and quality unchanged compared to what was once obtained with artisan dexterity.



Prodotti Panarello