Traditional Genoese pastry shop

Quality handmade sweets

Panarello is a traditional Genoese pastry shop that has been making quality handmade sweets since 1885.
Our aromas and flavours are the result of a combination of high quality raw materials and respect for unhurried, careful processing. Our products range from small fresh pastriescustom cakes and packaged biscuits to special lines like our gluten-free biscuits and cakes, enclosing in all their sweetness a passion for tradition that goes back more than a hundred years.

Pastry Classics

All-time favourites, made with all the quality of hand-made products

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Packed Products

Pastries and biscuits made with genuine, high quality ingredients

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Special Cakes

To each their favourite, because custom made is even better

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Panarello shops

Genoa, Milan, Rapallo and Chiavari

Choose where to sample the freshness of hand-made pastries. Treat yourself to a visit to one of Panarello’s pastry shops and enjoy the goodness of its sweet and savoury products, all hand-made using fresh ingredients, naturally leavened, taking all the time necessary to make every one of our traditional Genoese confectionery products even tastier.

Increasingly popular in the confectionery world, the Panarello brand is synonymous with high quality processing which has remained unchanged for over a hundred years. Its passion for hand-made sweets is manifest in such mouth-watering delicacies as its Panarello cake, Cannoncini,  Pandolce and Lagaccio Biscuits. Panarello also enjoys great success in large-scale distribution, offering packaged products that are as flavourful, aromatic and, above all, genuine as its fresh products.

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