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This particular sourdough derives from a mixture of high quality flour and water, containing a complex of yeasts (Saccharomyces) and lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus).The mixture is processed daily, carefully checking the correct values ​​of lactic acid, acetic acid, PH, temperature and humidity.  Panarello’s sourdough has been reproduced continuously and with the same recipe since 1885. The company’s leavening experts constantly monitor its values, carefully controlling the reproduction of the microorganisms it contains. This is a very delicate process: the sourdough is replenished daily with fresh mixtures of flour and water, which favour the reproduction of its microorganisms.  After 2 such additions and 18-20 hours of activity the natural yeast is incorporated into the dough. As a result, Panarello products are not only tasty and fragrant but also highly digestible.

Lagaccio Biscuits, the classic Pandolce, Panettone and Colomba are the most famous of Panarello’s naturally leavened products.

Candied Fruit

The carefully-selected fruit is harvested at just the right degree of ripeness. The traditional candying process based on slow, natural evaporation ensures that the fruit retains its essential oils, even during the dicing stage, thus preserving all its organoleptic characteristics. Dating back to very ancient times, candying is a method used for preserving fruit by immersing it in sugar syrup. During the candying process, in fact, the fruit loses its water while its sugar content  is gradually increasing to over 70%. Only when the fruit is completely candied can it be diced. Dicing is a delicate process during which the candied fruit retains its fragrances and aromatic notes. The fragrant candied citrus fruits contained in Panarello products are exclusively of Italian origin and come from certified companies: citrons come from the Riviera dei Cedri in the area of Diamante, in Calabria, while Navel oranges are from the Tyrrhenian region, again in Calabria.

All the natural flavour of candied fruit can be enjoyed in the typical Panarello products Pandolce, Panettone and Colomba.


The sultanas used in Panarello pastries are high quality Turkish sultanas, seedless and extremely sweet. Dark brown, packed with flavour and containing no preservatives, they are selected from companies with leading international certifications. Sultanas, a traditional food in both Middle Eastern and European cultures, are rich in mineral salts such as potassium, iron and calcium and active ingredients such as arginine, which helps to protect the cardiovascular system.

These soft and juicy sultanas are featured in Panarello’s Pandolce, Colomba, Panettone and gluten-free Tartlets.


The hazelnuts used by Panarello are some of the finest in Italy. The product of a very ancient crop, they have a firm, white kernel with a particularly aromatic flavour and are ideal for roasting. The almonds added to Panarello dough are of the Prima Bari variety, purchased from a traditional Italian company. We prefer this variety of almonds because of its high oil content, which adds a soft but firm consistency to the products, especially our favourite, Panarello Cake. The pine nuts chosen by Panarello come exclusively from Mediterranean regions. Extremely high in quality, they are characterised by an even ivory colour and a spicy, resinous aroma of pine. This is an essential feature that marks the long ripening of the fruit inside the pine cone before it can be harvested and processed.

Pandolce, both the classic and the low version, as well as our Baci di Dama, are just some of the products that feature these fine nuts.