Panarello Confectionery, a sweet love story

The confectionery tradition in Genoa and Milan

Francesco Panarello’s experience in the world of hand-made confectionery is a story that goes far back, a story of a passion for sweetness, for confectionary made with the finest ingredients in true Genoese style.
Over the years, Panarello has maintained the same passion for the traditional confectioner’s art, while at the same time integrating thorough research into different types of production, such as the Granò line, which caters to the special needs of gluten-intolerant customers.

This is a story of flavour that dates back over a hundred years, a story with a genuine soul and the taste of homemade pastries.

The history of Panarello began in Genoa with the Panarello Cake, Cannoncini, Lagaccio Biscuits and Pandolce, and  quickly extended its sweet embrace to include also Milan and other cities of the Ligurian Riviera. Having passed down this passion through the generations, today Panarello tells a story that is at once ancient and contemporary, made of traditional sweets, classic pastries, custom cakes and gluten-free confectionery, while remaining constantly true to the values of ancient tradition.
Panarello remains today a well-established brand made up of various professional skills all committed to artisanal quality, a passion for the work and experimentation, which through its confectionery shops and cafeterias promises to last.