Panarello Classics

A mini version of the traditional Panarello cake, ideal for when you’re on the go. The same recipe as Panarello Cake, the same lightness, and with the same goodness of almonds. Our small Panarellina Cake comes in different variations: classic, with a layer of cocoa cream or zabaglione, or as a Bundt cake with raisins.

Classic Panarellina, ingredients
Eggs, sugar, sweet almonds, flour, butter, vanillin.

Panarellina with cocoa, ingredients
Eggs, sugar, cocoa cream (sugar, vegetable oil (sunflower, safflower, rice in variable proportions), low fat cocoa powder 15%, vegetable fat (palm, safflower, illipe and shea in variable proportions), hazelnuts, powdered whole milk, almonds, emulsifiers: soy lecithin, vanilla extract), almonds, wheat flour, butter, cocoa powder 3%, vanillin, icing sugar (sugar, corn starch).

Panarellina with zabaglione, ingredients
Eggs, sugar, zabaglione cream (sugar, egg white, marsala, wheat flour), almonds, wheat flour, butter, vanillin.

Bundt cake, ingredients
Eggs, sugar, almonds, wheat flour, butter, sultanas, vanillin, icing sugar (sugar, corn starch).

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